Express sports predictions18:25 10.06.2022

Express prediction 10.06.2022

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10/06 18:25

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Nambottea/Margueritte - Karandikar/Devasthale (Badminton. Lithuania International. Women Doubles)

Nambottea/Margueritte started playing at the senior level not so long ago, but they already have several victories over senior European-class opponents. The average level of Indian athletes is clearly quite high, but Karandikar/Devasthale are not very well known at the international level, and they have almost no experience in doubles, so we believe the French are closer to victory.

Our prediction: Nambottea/Margueritte to win. We recommend adding the “1 Win” bet to your express, odds 2.24

Hoareau/Tores - Zi Yi Teh/Kreetik (Badminton. Lithuania International. Doubles)

Hoareau/Tores are doing well this season, having beaten several much higher-ranked players. Their performance in the French club competition also deserves special praise: not so long ago, they managed to sensationally beat the strongest double in the country. We are not sure their Malaysian opponents are stronger even individually, but in terms of teamwork, the French are likely to get an advantage.

Our prediction: Hoareau/Tores to win. We recommend adding the “1 Win” bet to your express, odds 2.33