Express sports predictions09:30 09.06.2022

Express prediction 09.06.2022

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09/06 09:30

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Bharadwaj - Koh (Badminton. Denmark Masters)

Bharadwaj showed great promise a few years ago, winning several major junior tournaments. In his adult career, not everything is going so well, and he regularly loses to low-ranked opponents even in local competitions. There has been no success at the international tournaments of this year either. Koh is better prepared at this stage of the season, judging by his May form.

Our prediction: Koh to win. We recommend adding the “2 Win” bet to your express, odds 2.65

Thogersen - Gurbani (Badminton. Denmark Masters)

We expect Thogersen to play confidently in this tournament. His results in Danish competitions show ‌he is ready to compete even with the top 50 players. The home tournament is a great opportunity to demonstrate his abilities. And when the opponent is Gurbani, who has had no outstanding results since 2020, it makes sense to expect a 2-0 win.

Our prediction: Thogersen to win comfortably. We recommend adding the “1 Hand (-1.5)” bet to your express, odds 2.25