Express sports predictions09:30 25.05.2022

Express prediction 25.05.2022

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Auger-Aliassime F. - Ugo Carabelli C. (Tennis. French Open)


Ugo Carabelli has decent statistics during this season, but the level of opponents was critically low to take this fact seriously.
Auger-Aliassime F. is the 9th racket of the world, and quite rarely fails in matches with outsiders. The Canadian is especially good on clay, which he recently demonstrated in Rome. So today sensations are unexpected
Our prediction: Auger-Aliassime F. to win comfortably. We recommend adding the “1 Hand (-8.5)” bet to your express, odds 2.52



Djokovic N. - Molcan A. (Tennis. French Open)


Naturally, Djokovic, who is currently the 1st racket of the world, will now be the favorite in any Grand Slam tournament.
But do not underestimate the Slovak, Molcan A. performs quite well on clay. Molcan and Djokovic met not so long ago in the final of the tournament in Belgrade. Djokovic, of course, won that game, but Molcan added a lot of problems to the Serb (6:4, 6:3).
Our prediction: Molcan not to lose heavily. We recommend the “2 Hand (+8.5)” bet, odds 2