Express sports predictions08:30 24.05.2022

Express prediction 24.05.2022

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24/05 08:30

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Sewing - Dmitruk (Tennis. ITF Tbilisi. Women)

Dmitruk has had no playing practice for two months. It is hard to believe she will immediately show her maximum. She had not performed consistently in adult tennis even before that, despite the high quality of play in the junior tour. Sewing is a solid tennis player, capable of winning under the current circumstances.

Our prediction: Sewing to win. We recommend adding the “1 Win” bet to your express, odds 2.76

Hainaut - Tarbes (Basketball. France LFB. Women)

Hainaut spends this stage of the tournament successfully, but they are no longer so motivated, as unlike other teams, they have already solved the tasks. Tarbes is a team of comparable class, so even the home court factor is unlikely to be so significant for Hainaut to win by such a large handicap.

Our prediction: Tarbes not to lose heavily. We recommend the “2 Hand (+14.5)” bet, odds 1.83